4 years?!!!? 4 years?!?! ok i feel old

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Anonymous: Um


Anonymous: Can you post a source on that wedding photo that finally shows El smiling!! So great thank you!

i seriously don’t know what exactly account posted that photo, i swear. But i found it on instagram. You’re welcome! x

Anonymous: That's Awesome! Thanks for the pic! Do you have more? Where did you find it???

Yes! haha you’re welcome i guess haha, no i don’t have more and i found it on instagram xx


Elounor + Instagram

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 Dan, Johannah and her bridesmaids
 Dan, Johannah and her bridesmaids 
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Eleanor and Jay at her wedding.

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@Louis_Tomlinson: Me and the little lad :)

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Elounor in Eleanor’s instagram.

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